Dating a bridesmaid

Elizabeth the Relationship Counselor says: Your behavior plays a huge role too. But if you get sloppy drunk and make a fool of yourself, any man is going to head the opposite way. Look good but act even better!

5 Reasons You’re ALWAYS a Bridesmaid and NEVER a Bride

Focus on your best features—potential grooms are not looking for supermodels, but the way you look says a lot about who you are. While looks and sexual attraction are key elements to building a relationship, your personality is what will keep a man interested long-term.

Nobody wants to date a show-boating embarrassment. You are an over-giver—giving giving giving can take away your dignity, but make you a great bridesmaid.

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You're not planning ahead: You know your BFF is going to get married before most of the guests do. That gives you a good six to 12 months to get off your arse and do something about it.

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Sign up for, not one, but TWO online dating sites. It's the equivalent of being in two bars at once without the hangover.

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Plus, online matches are shown to last longer than casual connections so your relationship is more likely to stand the test of time. You can't seem to find a couple of hours to go to a speed dating event but you can fly cross-country for a wedding to show your old friends how accomplished and successful you've become?

(Closed) What to Wear When You're a Bridesmaid's Date

If you want to turn your single into a double, make time for your new beau before he arrives. Mingling with other singles and setting aside a 'date night' -- even if you don't have one yet -- will get you and your boss used to the idea of work-life balance.

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  6. If your suitor can't see you without an appointment, he certainly won't see a future with you either. You don't speak up: Bridesmaids always get the coveted Plus One to any wedding. Instead of bringing your best friend or going solo, ask the married-couple-to-be to attach you to one of their single friends who you don't know.

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    Better yet, create a media blitz by posting an opening for a wedding date gig on Craigslist like these fellas did. If you're always the bridesmaid who gets black-out drunk, you could be ruining a romantic connection with a one-night stand.

    While an open bar is easy on the wallet, it's not so easy on the eyes. Skip the Long Island Ice Teas and have your fun on the dance floor so you can keep it classy and still remember it the next day. You put everyone else first: Do your friends think you're made of money or have nothing better to do than travel a few times a year on their behalf?

    Is Anyone Ever Obligated to Be a Bridesmaid?

    Well maybe you've let them think that way. Sometimes in life we have to say no. It doesn't mean you're a bad friend or a cheapskate.